Infinite L♥ve

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This symbol is a Master Key to opening/unlocking/moving through the illusionary barrier that has kept us believing that we are separated from Source. Only after opening our hearts can we glimpse recognition of that which we have never truly forgotten & move into the bliss & unity with Source Beyond Any Naming/God/Creator/All That IS.

The Infinite Love symbol is magnificent in it's gentle radiance. In addition to emitting a full spectrum of colors, and its own unique frequency, the Infinite Love symbol emits the three frequencies which the BioGeometrists call 'BG3'. The first of these is a 'high harmonic of gold' (strengthens immune systems, beneficial to the space it is in, connects us to the 'Plane of Divine Wisdom'), the second BG3 frequency is a 'high harmonic of ultra violet' (connects us with the 'Atmosphere of the Angels') & the third is an unusual named frequency called 'horizontal negative green' (a spiritual intelligence carrier wave that can penetrate lead). The BG3 balances energy on multiple subtle energy levels simultaneously. These three frequencies are the consistent frequencies that have been discovered in sacred art, sacred architecture, sacred music & sacred power spots on the earth as found by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt.
InfiniteLove contains: a Golden Mean Infinity, which for the first time has intentionally been set to a specific mathematical proportion for a specific frequency/Divine Signature. In this case it has been presented as a Golden Mean Proportion aka divine proportion infinity which is a negative/masculine pole, & an infinite open heart which is the positive/feminine pole. This symbol is a perfect balance of male/female in union for an intentional purpose.

The directions of rotation are: Golden Infinity to your left (as if standing looking out at the back of the projected symbol) or CCW & Infinite Open Heart to your right or CW.

Speed of rotation: This will depend on the purpose for which it will be used. A good daily working speed might be 1:5 or one rotation for every 5 seconds. The speed will depend on the size of the symbol & your purpose. Use your intuition & guidance.

Some of the uses: • envision & set rotating in your 'heart of hearts' • envision & set rotating in the center of your brain (Cave of Brahman/Crystal Palace) • envision & set rotating in the middle of a room • envision & set rotating over your food before eating it • use for meditation • use in life/death transitions • use in remote healing.

You will discover additional ways to use this beautiful symbol. Envision it, 'stamp' it where you wish it, set it rotating, set the speed. A little help might be: 'resonate, stamp, anchor, rotate'. The 'X' would cross at the heart chakra. Remember to always intend that 'this be for the highest good of all'. It is not for any of us to decide what is best for another, though our intentions be honorable.

Please note: these look to be a 2D 'slice' of the systems. While they certainly have energy in the 2D space, they are meant to rotate, thereby giving them multi-dimensionality. Imagine seeing the Infinite Open Heart in rotation. You can imagine that if the Golden Infinity is rotating in opposite direction, at the same speed, how they might meld together, each bringing their own attributes, yet working together to radiate a magnificent energy. Each holds the space for the other yet moves in a harmonic dance of beauty and communion.

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