! Celebration of L♥ve 2019 !



Don't let finances keep you away. Everyone is welcome!

FRIDAY, February 8th

1:30 – 2pm - Gathering & Opening Circle

2 – 4:30pm - Antonia Albano – Journey Into the Expanded Realms of Love Antonia has had a life-long fascination with both how the un-manifest is made manifest and how the un-manifest is integral to our existence and permeates all life with its intelligence. While on a modern day vision quest in 2004, Antonia began to draw shapes that have become the focus of her life. She’ll explain how, that if one chooses to allow it, such forms can impact and shape our lives and all life as we know it, and how she discovered that with the shapes came a beautiful, gentle yet powerful and palpable energetic message as to their purpose. Over the next eight years, six more geometric shapes new to this earth plane presented themselves to Antonia. These shapes, with motion, color and sound, together form a family called the Geometries of Love…sacred technologies for the new millennium. Each is magnificent and important in its own right, but together they function synergistically as a potent generator that is the Unified Field System of Love, and create for our own experience what Antonia describes as both “the Next Octave of Love” and “the Next Octave of Human!” l♥ve donations printable event flyer

5 – 6:30pm Potluck Dinner (healthy food, please :)

7 – 8:30pmGreg Burns Vibrational Immersion in Sacred Inner Space – Greg Burns is a Sound Practitioner who offers deep experiences by creating various sounds or frequencies to help foster wellness and personal transformation. Using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong, and other vibrational instruments he organizes group sessions that will help quiet the mind, relax the body and open the space for participants to connect with their own deeper aspects. Vibrational frequencies open the possibility for the individual to more easily reach meditative states, relieve pain and stress, and help foster personal changes, among other numerous benefits. If you have a favorite pillow or blanket and wish to bring it, please do though these are also available at The Lodge. l♥ve donations printable event flyer

SATURDAY, February 9th

8am - Barney BrownMeditation - Intrigued by the writing of Alan Watts, Barney was drawn to meditation and Buddhism at age 18. He has 60 years of meditation practice, many years as teacher, healer, and therapist, and decades of practical experience in the work/play of awakening.

9am - Breakfast If you will be eating breakfast in The Lodge, please bring food for breakfast that is not requiring a stove or microwave.

10am – Gathering & Opening Circle - bring drums, instruments, bowls for impromptu fun ;)

10:30 – noonAntonia Albano MT GRACE & the STATE OF GRACE PULSATION CENTER – hilltop labyrinth. A beautiful walk to the State of Grace hilltop where the Geometric Technologies of Love sculptures radiate their incredible frequencies for the next octave of love. We will place the ceremonial flags around the outside circles. After walking the Grace Walk ...a phi-infinity creation. There will be possibility of riding to hilltop for medical/physical challenges that would keep you from enjoying this amazing walking experience.**The hilltop event is 'weather permitting'. In case of really inclement weather a few options are available :) This hilltop power spot is open to you anytime during the event. An experience not to be missed! Bring warm outdoor clothes, comfy walking shoes/boots. printable event flyer

In case of inclement weather, one possible option:
WALKING A CREATION FIELD ...conscious manifestation Antonia Albano
The most ubiquitous mathematical equation found in the natural world, in much of organic matter is that of the golden proportion/golden ratio. A ratio so simple that it is repeated over & over again. Following a brief introduction about the historical use of the labyrinth as a scared path for inner un- foldings & alignments, we will walk a floor labyrinth (The Grace Walk ... a phi-infinity creation) whose very design is in a golden proportion. This proportion is, in itself, a creation field. You will discover the magic as you walk its energy lines even if you have walked this several times before. Weather permitting we will walk into the Temple of the Garden of Golden Proportion or Jardin d'OrPhi meditation garden. There we will offer to the flames those aspects of Love that we wish to expand upon (fanning the flames, igniting the divine fire of creation within each of us).

12:30 – 1:45pm Potluck Lunch (healthy food, please :)

2pmDr. Scarlett Heinbuch & David Schwartz ~ Waking Up to Love - Scarlett met David for the first time in September 2005 when David was on the brink of death. He had been in an unresponsive coma for nearly four weeks, on a ventilator for life support and in complete kidney failure due to a rare form of vasculitis. Scarlett spent 12 days doing energy healing with David. During that time, they had a Shared Near-Death Experience (SNDE) resulting in an unexplained medical recovery for David and an unexpected love story for them both. The story of two people who woke up to a world of love on the other side and were able to bring it back to earth—together—will inspire others to know that the transformative power of healing love exists and can be applied in everyday life. Scarlett is the author of Waking Up To Love: Our Shared Near-Death Encounter Brought Miracles, Recovery and Second Chances.

5pm – 6:30pm Potluck Dinner (healthy food, please :)

7pm – 9pm Sacred Cacao Sacred Ceremony Sacred Music Bob Sima, Shannon Plummer, Christel Libiot and Jim Wert are back by popular demand! Experience a weaving of gifts through Myth and Storytelling, Live Sacred Music, Shamanic Practice, Cacao Ceremony, and Breathwork. “We are a fun bunch and we mix beautiful music, ceremonies, ritual, cacao, storytelling, all from the depth of our souls. We will be making magic!” What do you get when BOB SIMA, “Echert Tolle with a Guitar”, award winning singer, song writer, a way-shower and a musical mystic is joined by his musical life muse, Shannon Plummer? A life changing experience! Add to this winning team the amazing team of Jim Wert and Christel Libiot, sacred cacao ceremony guides, storytellers creating a rich tapestry and spiritual experience. Together four wholly beings will create an evening to remember!! ($25 per person/$40 per couple) Please do not let finances keep you away this not-to-be missed experience! printable event flyer

Contact: www.OneHeartCacao.com (Christel Libiot, Jim Wert)
Contact: www.WeAreBoldlyGoingNowhere.com (Shannon Plummer, Bob Sima)

* For those staying overnight & joining in breakfast on Sunday we suggest checking with hosts regarding items to share. If you have special dietary needs we ask that you bring what you need to support this i.e. non-gluten, no sugar, vegan, vegetarian etc

POTLUCK LUNCH 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm & DINNER 5pm - 6:30 pm
Healthy food, please :)


LODGING: farm accommodations are Two night minimum. On a first come basis. 5 authentic log cabins: date from 1775 to early 1900s & are view-able on the farm website. Rates from $140-$199/night based on single/double occupancy. The cabins sleep from 2-5 people depending upon the cabin selection. 3 studios: are also available for 1-3 people each. Rates range from $125-$135 for single/double occupancy. Linens, towels, plates/flatware, toiletries are supplied. 3 cabins have fireplaces, 1 a woodstove & 3 have TV/DVD/DVDs. No wi-fi or land lines. 3 studios are available that are adjacent to The Lodge with rates ranging fom $125 - $135. Loft singles: in a shared loft. Each bed is surrounded by wood walls on 3 sides. Rate: $45/night. Taxes are add'l to each accommodation. On-farm lodging is limited. Many HOTEL accommodations are available within 3-4 miles nearby & in downtown Lexington, if needed. Suggestion: pack lightly as there is limited luggage space in cabins. www.SouthRiverHighlands.com

FOOD: Grocery stores are nearby for supplies & offerings toward the potluck lunches & dinners.

COSTS FOR WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS & CONCERTS: We ask that you enjoy yourselves & attend as many of the events as possible. Each of the Presenters & Musicians have agreed to honor this event & its participants by accepting l♥ve donations OR a much reduced specific rate for their time, travel etc. What a l♥ve donation means is: what you can afford that will help to respectfully compensate each person for their talent, presentation, time, travel expenses etc. The ticket rate for the Saturday evening experience is noted on that event. Please do not let finances keep you from attending. Your donation will be gratefully received. It's the generosity of the participants that helps us to bring in these amazing people each year.

TRANSPORTATION: Closest airport is Roanoke (ROA), 50 miles from SRH. Rental cars are available, or a private taxi by prior reservation with Barney or Antonia. Before the event or after the event, if possible, transportation to ROA airport may be supplied by Antonia or Barney. Check with Antonia regarding the arrival times of other participants for sharing of ride. Transportation will be made available to get groceries before the event begins.

CLOTHING: Temperatures can range from the teens – high 60s. Dressing in layers is suggested. Please bring a pair of heavy socks or slippers as it is requested that shoes/boots be removed inside retreat space. You may wish to wear or bring a good pair of walking boots to walk on the farm. Remember to pack lightly (i.e. one small or medium suitcase as luggage space is limited). Another suggestion is to pack a flash light for walking in the winter evening. It is dark here in the country & the event parking lot is approximately 100 yards from Heartstone Lodge.

PLEASE CONTACT: Lesley @ 540.463.2593 or email: innkeepers@SouthRiverHighlands.com by February 3rd, if possible. Check the farm website: www.SouthRiverHighlands.com for information & photographs of the farm. Driving directions will be emailed individually to those needing them.

The farm is located above the confluence of the South & Maury Rivers, 4 miles from the picturesque historic town of Lexington, Virginia – the resting place of Stonewall Jackson & Robert E Lee & the campuses of Washington & Lee University & Virginia Military Institute (www.lexingtonvirginia.com). The Chessie Trail begins across the entry road to the farm & winds along the Maury River for 7 miles. An Appalachian Trail head (AT) is 8 miles away for those interested in more activity before or after the events.